Funke-Dr.N.Gerber Labortechnik GmbH / Milch- und beer analysis


Since 1904, Funke-Gerber has been an important player in dairy farming, both at home and abroad. The production of laboratory apparatus for the testing of milk and foodstuffs is among its crowning achievements.

The manufacture of centrifuges together with butyrometers and other appliances for fat determination according to Dr.N.Gerber continues to occupy a central place in the company´s business activity. Over and above this classical field, the company develops and produces the most modern electronic devices for milk analysis.

A new era in routine laboratory analysis has been opened by the new "LactoStar" and "LactoFlash" appliances.

The application of know-how and continuous further development make Funke-Gerber an important player in dairy farming.

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